Exploring Wonders: Engaging Infant Childcare Activities at The Learning Academy

Our little ones in the infant room are embarking on a journey of discovery with our specially curated treasure baskets. Filled with safe and non-toxic items, these baskets are a feast for their senses, perfect for examining, touching, shaking, and tasting. By sparking curiosity, these baskets fuel their innate drive to investigate and reason, fostering critical thinking skills even at this tender age.

Here at The Learning Academy, we believe in early enrollment to benefit from such engaging activities! Schedule a tour today and explore more about our unique learning approach.

Our adorable Waddlers are indulging in vibrant and artistic fun, creating their own rainbows. Guided by our expert caretakers, they dive into the world of visual arts, experimenting with colors, and patterns using their little hands and fingers. This sensory-rich activity not only boosts their creativity but also fine-tunes their motor skills.

We are currently welcoming children of all ages to join our warm and stimulating environment. Schedule a tour now to see first-hand how we make learning an exciting adventure.

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