Toddler Programs Offered by The Learning Academy

Toddler Programs Based in Education

Did you know that 85% of your child’s learning ability will be firmly established by the age of five? This stage of your child’s life is critically important for brain development. That’s why The Learning Academy places a special emphasis on toddler learning activities. Our toddler program not only provides your child a fun and safe area to explore and learn new things, but our activities also encourage key areas of brain development. In fact, our curriculum is designed to address the most important areas of brain development in children between the ages of six weeks and 3 years. What’s more, our director attended OSU and Columbus State to work on degrees in child development. We believe that the best time for your toddler to learn is right now. Contact us today to meet our caring and experienced staff.

The Learning Academy Provides a Safe and Fun Environment

Toddlers don’t have the attention span of older children, so The Learning Academy makes sure that all of our educational activities are fun and stimulating. We want your child to enjoy the time they spend here at The Learning Academy, and we have gone to painstaking lengths to create a program that is safe, fun, and educational. We believe that children can learn a lot through play, so The Learning Academy has honed our Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum to offer the perfect mix of fun and education. Safety is our top priority. Our classrooms are meticulously child-proofed, cleaned, and inspected on a daily basis.

Benefits of The Learning Academy’s Toddler Program

The Learning Academy offers a place for your toddler to develop strong learning habits. Other child care programs have toddler activities that are mainly meant to keep your toddler entertained and out of harm’s way. The Learning Academy’s toddler learning activities focus on developing your toddler’s mind. Here’s how our toddler program benefits your child:

  • Progress Documentation – Our staff members interact with your toddler one-on-one and keep a record of developmental progress made through activities. This is the best way to further their development and build life-long learning habits.
  • Recognition and Relationships – For younger toddlers, it’s helpful to begin developing their relationships with words, numbers, and objects. We achieve this by reading to your toddler, identifying objects and toys in the room verbally, and doing simple number exercises.
  • Social Interaction – Social interaction is key to teaching children respect for themselves and others. Every toddler enrolled in our program engages in a period of social playtime monitored closely by staff members.

Contact The Learning Academy for Toddler Programs

The Learning Academy provides infant care and toddler programs. We focus on each stage of development, which is why we have specific programs for infants, toddlers, and school age children. We nurture a loving environment because that’s what we would want for our own children. Take a tour of our facilities, and you will see that The Learning Academy is a great place for toddlers and kids of all ages!

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