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At The Learning Academy, we know that the brain develops rapidly in infancy. This developmental stage is crucial for future growth. All our staff have training in our Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum, which emphasizes effective, age-based teaching. This curriculum helps infants make connections. We emphasize language by reading, naming objects, and speaking to your child. Your infant can also interact safely with others to develop social skills.

We Provide the Right Education at the Right Time

Our infant care program has activities to stimulate your child’s mind and encourage creativity. Your infant will have a schedule to develop a “social rhythm” – meaning consistency with nap times, feeding times, and play times. This includes group time, one-on-one cuddling time such as holding, rocking, reading, outdoor play, and nutritious meals.

Early education develops curiosity so children want to learn lifelong. This is our infant care goal. We nurture your child’s natural love of learning with our science-based curriculum.

Our director has infant development education and 30+ years in early childhood. With her expertise, we tailor activities to your baby’s stage.

We build emerging skills through play. Activities include sensory play, music, visuals, and observing their surroundings. As infants grow, we introduce puzzles, shapes, and books to build cognitive abilities. We develop motor skills with tummy time, grasping toys, and supervised floor play.

What Makes The Learning Academy the Best

The Learning Academy is a top daycare in Westerville, OH. But what makes us the best?

  • Your Child’s Pace – We have a structured curriculum but understand children develop differently. We let your child learn and grow naturally while encouraging exploration.
  • Clean Classrooms – We emphasize cleanliness in our rooms. Your infant’s crib is personalized and cleaned regularly to be safe.
  • Stimulating Activities – Our curriculum has tactile activities, simple problem-solving with toys, and play to develop motor skills.
  • Low Student-Teacher Ratio – Our 4:1 ratio allows attentive care and bonding. With fewer infants per teacher, we provide personalized attention and learning opportunities.

Quality Infant Care at The Learning Academy

At The Learning Academy, caring for your child goes beyond education. We aim to provide a nurturing environment where your baby feels safe, loved, and attended to.

Besides emphasizing education, we want your baby to feel loved and safe. Our attentive staff have childcare passion. Our facilities are safe and frequently inspected. Watch your baby live with our WatchMeGrow streaming. 

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Is The Learning Academy’s Infant Program Right for You?

The early years of your child’s life lay the foundation for their future development and success. At The Learning Academy, our infant care program nurtures this critical period with an engaging curriculum, devoted teachers, and a welcoming environment. If you’re looking for an infant care program that stimulates learning, encourages exploration, and provides attentive care, we have a proven approach. Visit our center to see how we can support your baby’s growth and start them on a path of discovery.

FAQs About Infant Care

What is the minimum age?

We accept infants as young as 6 weeks into our program. We have amenities like cribs and high chairs.

What is the teacher ratio?

Our 4:1 ratio ensures attentive care. With fewer babies per teacher, we provide more personalized attention.

How are classrooms sanitized?

All rooms are cleaned and sanitized daily. Sheets are washed twice weekly. We use non-toxic, eco-friendly solutions.

What meals are provided?

We provide breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Meals are pureed fruits/veggies, cereal, and formula for non-solid eaters.

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