The Learning Academy's Early Childhood Education Program

An Educational Childcare Program Customized for Your Child

The Learning Academy is so much more than a day care center. Our Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum focuses on the specific developmental stage of your child. The best way to teach young children is to understand their individual needs and learning patterns. To this end, we offer specialized learning programs with a variety of activities that focus on areas of development such as language skills, social interaction, item recognition, and building connections between items and their corresponding names.

At The Learning Academy, your child will get one-on-one time with our caring staff members and be able to interact with their peers in a safe environment. We provide nutritious meals and offer parents the opportunity to see their child in real-time with our WatchMeGrow live streaming service. Our childhood education programs include infant learning activities, toddler education activities, after-school care for older children, and much more. We can help your child prepare for a successful academic career and fortify what they have already learned in school. It’s never too early to learn, so get your child enrolled today!

The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Did you know that children who are enrolled in early childhood education programs before the age of five are less likely to have to repeat a grade? Early childhood education has been proven to provide long-term learning benefits for children. It’s especially important to develop the minds of young infants, because, during infancy, the brain develops at a rapid pace.

At The Learning Academy, we understand the importance of early childhood education. Our goal for your child is to develop a lifelong love of learning. We offer early childhood education programs for kids between the ages of six weeks and 12 years old. Our early childhood education activities include:

  • Tactile Activities – Tactile activities help your infant draw connections between objects and the way they feel.
  • Language Development Activities – Verbal exercises and reading are very important. We nurture these burgeoning skills to help your child communicate effectively.
  • Number Recognition – It’s important for your child to develop a relationship with numbers and their values as early as possible.

All of The Learning Academy’s educational activities are age-appropriate. We want your child to learn at their natural pace. Our curriculum is in line with Ohio State educational standards. If you’d like to learn more, call us or request an admissions packet.

The Learning Academy Difference

The Learning Academy is set apart from other child care programs by the experience and education of our amazing staff, our commitment to child development and education, and our facilities that encourage safe play and learning. Here’s why so many parents choose The Learning Academy:

  • Transparency – How many after-school care and daycare centers offer live monitoring for parents? Our WatchMeGrow live streaming service allows you to see what’s going on whenever you want to.
  • Education – Our director has earned degrees in early childhood development and education and has spent nearly 30 years in the child development field.
  • Flexibility – We provide before and after-school care to help accommodate the schedules of busy parents.
  • Summer Camps for Kids – Our summer camp programs are fun, but more importantly, they are focused on continued education during school vacations.

Education for Today and the Future from The Learning Academy

Giving your child the gift of learning now will prepare them for academic and real-world challenges in the future. The Learning Academy is your partner in molding your child into a well-rounded, creative, and education-loving individual. We would love to show you around our classrooms, so schedule a tour today!

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